This is where we share expertise and research and insights we have access to, here at Telstra Wholesale.

Our aim is to help give our customers – and their customers – the competitive edge. Think of it as an espresso shot of useable insights, delivered via videos, articles and infographics.



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The site is divided into the following sections.

News is where you can find news about Telstra and discussions that our people lead about all aspects of our business and the possibilities our networks and technology creates.

Technology contains blogs about technology from every view. It covers industry issues, technology change and innovation and trends

Research is the home for featured research that we have commissioned.

Customer Stories is where you can find stories from our customer explaining how they’ve powered possibilities for their customers using services, solutions and advice from Telstra Wholesale’s expert team.

The site is managed by Telstra Wholesale’s marketing team. Blogs published on Wholesale Connect are the opinions and views of both Telstra Wholesale staff and external contributors.

We do our best to ensure that all facts are correct when published, but we recognise that as time moves on some claims may become outdated, as do claims in newspapers. Each blog is marked with the date of publishing so our readers know when the comments were made. We don’t remove posts just because they are outdated but if you do feel something needs to be clarified we’ll happily take your feedback.

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